21 Dec 2017

code snippet test

India The great work is over Now we will test some GFM & kramdown & emoji.

Task List

  • @mentions, #refs, links, formatting, and tags supported
  • list syntax required (any unordered or ordered list supported)
  • this is a complete item
  • this is an incomplete item

This is written in red.

a blockquote

  • Item one

  • Item two

  • Item three

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
Header1 Header2 Header3
cell1 cell2 cell3
cell4 cell5 cell6
cell1 cell2 cell3
cell4 cell5 cell6
Foot1 Foot2 Foot3

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This is a raw snippet:

hello world
This is a text snippet

This is a JavaScript snippet:

const add = (a, b) => a + b
const minus = (a, b) => a - b

console.log(add(100,200))  // 300
console.log(minus(100,200))  // -100

This is a Python snippet:

def say_hello():
    print("hello world!")

say_hello()   // "hello world!"

Side note comment: applied a bug fix similar to this commit to ensure code snippet does not collapse unexpectly upon clicking on it. This issue is tracked here.